My New Year Plans at a Glance

Happy new year everyone!

I wish I could say that 2023 came in with a bang with life changing earthquakes and confetti to boot. But it didn’t. In fact, it was pretty quiet in my house as two of my sisters and I finished the last set of Phase 10 and drank sparkling grape juice. We counted down the seconds, cheered (quietly so as not to wake the rest of my family who were in bed), and drank our grape juice. It was great fun and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

But sometimes we get caught up in the big things and come to expect big things to happen at every corner that we can’t enjoy the little things of life. We expect to feel different with the new year or maybe for something exciting to happen. And when it doesn’t, we get disappointed. Tis the way with life however, and we have to role with it.

Life is made up of a bunch of little moments. A beautiful sunset, a bouquet of wildflowers, a friend’s smile. The list goes on, but the point is that if we can’t learn to appreciate these little moments then we will never appreciate the bigger picture of life. We can’t appreciate the big, exciting things that happen in life if we don’t enjoy the journey.

All of this and more have been thoughts going through my head lately. I’ve spent some quality time reflecting on my life and what I want from this new year. It was an amazing experience.

I had been feeling down about 2022 and like I hadn’t accomplished anything. Like I wasn’t accomplishing a single thing in my life. But after my reflection, I realized that I had done a lot more than I’d given myself credit for and I shouldn’t look down on my past year! Here’s a few thing that I accomplished.

2022 Accomplishments

• Switched my blog to WordPress and relaunched it with great success (You all are amazing!)

• Went to my first writing conference

• Met two of my closest friends in real life (We were even called “The Three Musketeers”)

• Got an agent interested in my book as well as amazing feedback on it

• Launched a business and got my first sales

• Survived several workout plans as well as sugar free for a month

• Went to a new state

• Made new friends

I could actually go on but I’ll stop there. But it wasn’t until I sat down and made myself think about what I’d done that I actually realized everything I’d accomplished. Looking back, I’m very satisfied.

Seeing my past year helped me create goals and a plan for my new year. I’m still working on that plan and part of that plan includes secret projects but I wanted to share with all of you reading this part of my goal for this year. Here it goes!

2023 Goals

• Get my driver’s license

• Go to another writer’s conference

• Query my book (nicknamed for all of you as Project: Detective)

• Write, write, write! (That goes for reading as well)

• Exercise often (I have several workout plans for this year… I should probably be scared)

And… That’s all I can share. But I have more exciting stuff planned as well that I’m super stoked to get to. I’m excited for this new year in general and what new things it might bring. I think that the most exciting thing can be the unknown. (It’s also possibly the scariest thing but hey, you can’t take the good without the bad.)

So there’s my year at a glance, both past and present. I hope you had an amazing new year as well and that this year is filled with amazing possibilities for you! Happy new year!

Your turn!

What did you accomplish this past year? What are some things you’re looking forward to about this new year? What’s something you can celebrate right now, whether it be a big or little thing?

Blessings, Allyson


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