Slacker by Gordon Korman

Five stars

From the bestselling author of Swindle and Ungifted comes the funny, fantastic story of an underachiever who ends up achieving much more than any overachiever could ever imagine.

Cameron Boxer is very happy to spend his life avoiding homework, hanging out with his friends, and gaming for hours in his basement. It’s not too hard for him to get away with it . . . until he gets so caught up in one game that he almost lets his house burn down around him. Oops. It’s time for some serious damage control–so Cameron and his friends invent a fake school club that will make it seem like they’re doing good deeds instead of slacking off. The problem? Some kids think the club is real–and Cameron is stuck being president. Soon Cameron is part of a mission to save a beaver named Elvis from certain extinction. Along the way, he makes some new friends–and some powerful new enemies. The guy who never cared about anything is now at the center of everything . . . and it’s going to take all his slacker skills to win this round.

I’ve been reading a lot of Gordon Korman’s books lately but this one may just top them all. All of his stories all filled with humor and relatable characters, but this one especially so.

Cameron Boxer is just like most kids, all he wants is to play his video games uninterrupted and to get out of work. He wants this so badly that he’ll even invent a fake club to get his parents off his back. But when kids start joining his fake club, things get complicated.

I think this would be an amazing book for writer’s to study. It’s an amazing example of how a story should flow. Cameron wants something and he’ll do anything to get it, but then when things goes wrong he has to either rise to the occasion or fall under the pressure. I’ve read this book three times within a week or two! I loved it and would highly recommend it!

“When you join something, they expect you to do it. To”—he shuddered—“participate.”

― Gordon Korman, Slacker

Your turn!

Have you ever studied books? What kind of books do you enjoy reading? Do you ever reread books?

Blessings, Allyson


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