Encouragement for the Editing Writer (ft. Allyson Jamison!)

A couple months ago I shared a guest post on Saraina Whitney’s blog of encouragement for the editing writer. If you’re editing a novel, or even if you’re not, this is a post a lot of us need to hear. So I hope that it’s helpful for all of you! (Also, be sure to check out Saraina’s amazing blog while you’re over there!)

Saraina Whitney

I am so excited to share with you an amazing guest post by Allyson Jamison, a wonderful blogger and writer I’ve gotten to know over the past year! If you’re editing a writing project (or are planning to do so this year) and are feeling daunted or discouraged, this was written just for you. Without further ado, I present to you “Encouragement for the Editing Writer”!

Regrettably, part of a writer’s job is to edit.

*emits groans and grumbles*

Personally, this is my least favorite part of the process. I see the benefits from it and I know it’s important, but I also know that I am a terrible editor and that I struggle tearing my precious baby to pieces. It can even put me through depression.

If you love editing and relish in the satisfaction of wielding your red pen… good for you. Truly, I’m glad that you enjoy…

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