How to Find Motivation + Recreating the Joy of Writing

Motivation comes in ebbs and flows. The hard truth about writing is… motivation doesn’t always show up to help you out with your writing. Some days it’s there and writing feels like the best thing you’ve ever done. But then, other days, it feels like you’re scraping the end of the barrel for the tiniest drop of motivation.

It’s painful. And hard. So many times we find ourselves asking questions like, “Why do I even write?”, “How do I find motivation?”, “Why don’t I feel the joy I once did about writing?”.

I want to answer these questions in this post and help you find motivation for your story as well as recreate the joy you once had for it. So let’s jump in!

Why do you love it?

Chances are, if you’ve lost motivation for your story it’s one of two things. Either, you’re creativity juices are running low and you need to refill your well (if so, check out this post or this post), or, more likely, you’ve lost the joy that you once felt for this story.

It’s happened to me… a lot. With every novel that I write my motivation for it ebbs and flows along with my love for it. Whenever you get a new story idea everything is shiny and new. You’re excited and one hundred percent in love with this story! But then, you hit a road block… and that motivation takes a hike.

You have to ask yourself, why do I love this story? What makes this story so special compared to any other story out there? (Pro tip: answer this question before you start writing. It will help you when you hit these road blocks.)

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, it’s time you found out. Pull out a piece of paper right now and grab your favorite pen or pencil. Close your eyes, think about your story, and ask yourself what makes it so special. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. Why do people need to read your story? Will it kill you not to write this story?

Once you know the answer to all of these questions then you’ve taken the first step. How do you feel? My bet is you suddenly have a renewed passion for the story before you. Pin this piece of paper to your bulletin board or above your bed—anywhere that you will often see it. Because it’s through these answers that you will always find joy in your story and you will always be fully in love with it.

And will always be motivated to write it.

Pro Tips for Discovering Motivation

Okay… maybe I shouldn’t say always. Even with this statement about your story—your reasons for loving it—there will still be days when you have lows. Times when your motivation takes a break and you’re left staring at a blinking courser, with no hope in sight.

What do you do? How do you find motivation when your statement speak isn’t helping? In other words… HELP!

I’ve got a single piece of advice for you: romanticize your writing.

Simply put, this means to do things that help you love your writing more. These things will look different for each writer! Because, as I’m always saying on here, no two writers have the same process, and that includes romanticizing your writing.

I was recently talking about this with a friend on Instagram. She had written a post asking what motivates you to write. It was super interesting to hear all the different things that help each writer! (I loved picking up ideas, lol) Some of these things included:

  • tea
  • coffee
  • music
  • candles
  • food
  • chocolate
  • and more!

This friend I was talking with said that she finds different things motivate her differently for each story even! And something that I loved was that she picked a different tea flavor to drink for each story. Other people said they picked an album to listen to that fit their stories, or maybe a single song. Others bought a special candle for while they wrote. It was different for each writer!

For me, it’s different as well. With the novel that I’m currently editing, I love having candles! When I was writing this novel, I seriously could not write unless I had a candle burning. (They’re truly magic!) And, of course, I always have to have tea. It doesn’t matter what novel I’m writing, that’s a must.

But sometimes it’s not tea or candles even. Sometimes it’s the aesthetic around you! (I know, I know, I’m too involved with the vibes… I’m not even sorry) With the novel that I started writing last November, it’s set in the summer and very much has those vibes. I quickly learned that I couldn’t write it unless it was a beautiful, sunny day that fit the vibe of the story. It might sound crazy, but I’m serious! (Another reason why I haven’t written this story all winter. XD #drearydays)

Discover what works for you and what ups your motivation for your writing. Romanticize your writing and recreate that joy that’s bubbling right below the surface. It’s always there, sometimes you just have to find it again.

But never, never give up on your story.

Your turn!

What motivates you to write? Do you find that it’s different for each WIP? Do you enjoy burning candles while you write? (If so, check out my shop!)

Blessings, Allyson


2 thoughts on “How to Find Motivation + Recreating the Joy of Writing

  1. Oh, those inconvenient roadblocks … XD

    I’ve hit more than a few in my writing-lifetime. I find my biggest motivation comes from prayer and scripture. Often my most motivated feelings come when I’m sitting in church listening to the preaching–which is not the right place to write! 🙂 When I feel discouraged, I look back at what I’ve already written and remember how God has worked out all the details of the story. Sometimes I pray and ask, “God, is this story what you want me to be focusing on right now?”

    As far as romanticising my writing, music is an enormous help. Song moods that are specific to my book make a huge difference not only in what I write but how much I get done. (Sometimes that means I forget to write and I listen to the music instead … which obviously is a backfire. But not generally.)

    Thank you for this, Allyson! I’m actually working on an article for my blog about what I’ve learned from writing my first book, and it covers some of these same topics. So thankful to have another fellow writer writing for God’s glory!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Yeah, I think every writer has. They certainly aren’t fun!! That’s a great point and one I wish I would have thought to add in this post! Prayer and scripture is a great place to go when you need refreshed and refilled. It’s one of my favorite places as well. That’s so beautiful how you put it!

      Saaame! I love music. 💖 Every single novel I write has at least one playlist. XD That’s great that it helps you as well! (Haha!! XD I can totally relate to that… Hey, there’s something to be said for taking breaks as well.)

      You’re welcome! Ooh, how neat!! I can’t wait to read that post!! Yes, I feel the same! I always love finding other writers who share my passion.


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