Set-Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy

Five stars

Leslie Ludy, author of Authentic Beauty and the bestselling When God Writes Your Love Story, reveal show a young woman’s pursuit of acceptance and sameness directly counters her true purpose—to be set apart by her love for God and God’s love for her.

This empowering message filled with inspiring stories, personal illustrations, and a foundation of God’s Word to awaken young women to sacred femininity and a life infused with meaning. Each chapter encourages readers to release worldly standards and set their sights on a more worthy pursuit as they:

surrender to God’s love and wholeness
embrace the real blueprint for beauty
enjoy spectacular purpose
captivate the masculine heart
cultivate spiritual strength
This journey will spark a desire in every woman to leave the fairy tale of the masses behind and walk toward the unique beauty, love, and dreams God has for her.

This was a surprisingly spectacular read! I was blown away just how much I enjoyed it. It was not what I was expecting but was so much better! This call to young women to live a truly set apart life was amazing, and heart felt.

I especially loved this approach and wonderful reminder that living a truly set apart life is all about the heart. Outward appearances are great additions to leading a set apart life, but mean nothing without the inward decision as well. We have to search out our hearts and make sure it’s in the right place. A place of love. A place set on the One Who truly matters.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to deepen their relationship with God and turn their hearts more fully on what truly matters in life. Pull out your highlighters and sticky notes and grab a copy of this book!

The most beautiful women I’ve ever observed are those that have exchanged a self-focused life for a Christ-focused one. They are confident, but not in themselves. Instead of self-confidence, they radiate with Christ-confidence.

― Leslie Ludy, Set-Apart Femininity

Your turn!

Do you ever mark up books? Do you enjoy annotating books? Do you ever enjoy reading nonfiction books?

Blessings, Allyson


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