How I Create a Story From Scratch | Blog Repost

The main theme on this blog is how everyone’s writing process will look differently. I have never seen two writers have the same process. However, on this blog you always hear my process, my writing adventures, and all my tips and advice.

But my process will not be your process.

I want you all to take my tips and advice and find your own process through it. That’s my biggest hope for this blog. But to do that, you have to hear other’s processes as well. Which is why I decided to share another blogger’s amazing post today!

Deigan Marie is a great friend of mine and a very sweet person. She has an amazing blog that I always enjoy stopping by! This post especially was spectacular and one that I really enjoyed. I enjoyed it because I learned that her process was actually very different than mine when coming up with a new story idea. But I enjoyed learning new tips through her post and how I might improve my process.

So I thought, maybe you all might enjoy this post as well! Sound like something you’re interested in? Click the link below and go show her some love!

How I Create a Story From Scratch by Deigan Marie


2 thoughts on “How I Create a Story From Scratch | Blog Repost

    1. Yes, I really enjoy outlines as well!! They help me so, so much during the entire process. I really don’t know how I ever didn’t use one, lol. XD


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