Kindred Spirit by Catherine M. Andronik

Five stars

A clear-eyed, fascinating look at the life of Maud Montgomery–the author of the Anne of Green Gables books–and the obstacles a woman faced in creating a life of her own early in this century. Includes bibliography and index. Photos.

In light of this week’s post being a study on the novel, Anne of Green Gables, I thought it only fitting to do a book review this week on a biography I recently read about the creator of this marvelous book. I love L.M. Montgomery’s books, not just the Anne books but Emily books as well as The Story Girl, The Blue Castle, and others as well. L.M. Montgomery was truly an amazing author and it was fascinating getting a glimpse into her life.

This biography wasn’t dry or boring at all as so many biographies tend to be. It was an enjoyable read and so interesting to read about Maud’s life. There were more similarities than I would have expected between Maud’s life and the all of her books. Many stories or aspects you find in her books, you’ll most likely find in her life as well.

She was an incredible person but also had a sad, darker side. I think it all contributed to give her the gift of writing such incredible fiction. She will forever be one of my favorite authors!

“People envy me these bits of success and say, ‘It’s well to be you,’ and so on. I smile cynically when I hear them. They do not realize how many disappointments come to one success. They see only the successes and think all much be smooth traveling.”

― Catherine M. Andronik, Kindred Spirit

Your turn!

Have you read the popular Anne of Green Gables books? What do you think of Maud’s life? Do you enjoy biographies?

Blessings, Allyson


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