Writing Update: Acknowledging Accomplishments and Accepting Failure.

Can we just let out a collective sigh that November is over?

If you participated in the crazy Nanowrimo challenge this past month, then I think you can agree with me. It’s exhausting. I’m exhausted and I didn’t even end up completing the challenge.

That’s right. After thirty hectic days of writing like madness, I arrived with a total of 37,000. Part of me is tempted to be upset, but the other part acknowledges that sometimes we can’t always achieve what we set out to do. And that’s okay. Because the point is that you try and work hard at it. I know I gave it my best, but my best this past month only turned out to be 37k.

Where as used to I would be down on myself and see this as a defeat, I now look at it as a reason to try all the harder next year!

You see, I have a goal for myself. Last year I wrote 50k words in the month of November split between two separate projects. That was awesome! This year I wanted to write 50k in one month in one project. Well, I almost achieved that. Next year, I’m thinking, why not go all the way and try and write an entire book during Nano? Anyone with me? Yeah, I know, it’s crazy. We’ll see if I actually go through with it. XD But hey, challenges! I live for them! (Just ask my friends…)

Anyways, Nano aside, I accomplished a lot this past month. I launched and maintained a new business! I’m am so thrilled for Between the Pages Gifts to be up and running and appreciate everyone who has shown it so much love. I couldn’t have done this without everyone who has shared about it and continues to share. Thank you all!

I also walked a little over 42 miles! Like, what?! That’s a record for me this year. A friend and I have been trying to walk 100 miles throughout fall and, let’s just say, this past month has gotten me just about there.

Besides starting a new book, I also edited half of a different novel. I had planned to be farther into said edits by now, but, well, I’m excited for what I accomplished. I made headway, and I’m excited about that.

And, on top of all of that, I read 12 books last month! Several friends and I are doing a reading challenge (I did say I love challenges, didn’t I?) November through February and one friend and I sort of turned it into a bet… achem… you know who you are. So, let me tell you, I have no plans of losing this bet! XD I have been reading like crazy and have a lot of wonderful book reviews coming your way. Any and all book recommendations would be appreciated!

So, yeah. This past month has been just a little bit crazy. Not to mention Thanksgiving being in the midst of it and my family throwing a family get together. It’s been a lot. I would have been proud of myself for completing one of those things above, but all of them??

That’s why I’m not beating myself up about not reaching 50k, because I still accomplished a lot and am super happy for that. Not to mention, I had a blast writing what I did write and am still so excited to finish this new book.

I think that’s what matters overall, that you enjoy whatever you find to do. And that you do it with all that is in you! (Ecclesiastes 9:10) Even though I didn’t accomplish every goal that I had for myself last month (though, looking back, apparently I had a lot of goals… oops), I had a blast with everything that I did and I worked my hardest with it all. Because of that, I can look back, and smile at the hectic month instead of feeling down like I usually would for the little things I didn’t succeed with.

That’s my challenge for you. I want you to sit back and acknowledge the accomplishments you had this past month (or whenever!) and feel proud of them. Reward yourself for a job well done! But also recognize your failures with a spirit of challenge to do a better job next time instead of a sense of belittlement. Don’t be hard on yourself for being human–no can do everything! But feel satisfied with what you did do, knowing you did it well.

Your turn!

Did you achieve your word goal you set out for this past month? What is a recent accomplishment you’ve done? What is a failure?

Blessings, Allyson


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