Recap on YWW Challenge (+ sharing a bit about my new story!)

This past week has been a great learning experience! If you joined Ydubs Challenge then you know what I mean…

If I’m being honest, at the beginning of the week I wasn’t too sure. I love outlining so that wasn’t the problem for me, but even as an outliner I felt too confined. Like they were wanting me to know stuff about my story that I simply… well, didn’t know.

By day two I was seriously considering quitting. Not because it was too hard or because I wasn’t having fun, but because I felt they were rushing the process. Usually I take my time coming up with this information, and by time… I mean a month or two. So for me to suddenly know all that stuff in a single day? Yeah, I was struggling.

But I decided to stick it out and I’m glad that I did. Because as I kept going with my assignments I realized that the information they wanted me to know was actually very helpful. Even if the challenge forced me to come up with it sooner than normal, it’s still good to have all this.

The challenge was set up so that you learn a different area each day. We went through core audience, relatable characters, theme, goals with stakes, obstacles, twists, and finishing it off by putting it all together. I felt I already knew a lot of it but it was still an amazing reminder and I liked the way they taught it all. It was especially fun to have well known authors teaching these lessons as well!

I thought all of the information they shared was very helpful, especially for new writers. Even though I’ve been writing for a while it was nice to remember the focus for what you need to come up with when you’re planning out a new story. Each point that they taught us is so important when coming up with a new story idea. If you have these things figured out than I believe you instantly have a stronger story and one that readers and publishing houses alike will want to grab for. (I gotta admit, when I was reading everyone else’s assignments I wanted to read all their stories! XD)

A little bit about my story…

Now for the fun part! I thought it would be fun for all of you if I shared a little bit about this new story idea I’ve been working on. I decided to work on a completely new idea during the challenge because, you know, I don’t have enough other projects that I’m working on. XD But if this year plays out like I’m hoping than I’m planning on writing it this coming Nano. I can’t wait!

I prefer to be a little secretive about my projects so I don’t have much to share, but here’s a few things that I can tell you…

#1: What I’m calling it: Project: Summer Camp

The funny thing is, I actually don’t have any working titles except this one that I’ll call it on my blog and stuff. Actually, that shouldn’t be a surprise. XD It takes me so long to come up with titles, it’s painful! I have this level of perfection that I want each title to be and, as you can imagine, it’s hard to achieve that.

#2: Genre: YA contemporary mystery

This seems to be my new genre. It’s kind of funny! XD Used to I would write in literally any genre, and I still do to a certain point, but it seems all my books are turning out to be contemporary mysteries. I think I like it!

#3: Viiiiiiiibes: sunny weather, campfires, summer camp fun… and a mystery that will keep you guessing

Okay, that last one isn’t really a vibe but I had to add it. XD Y’all, the Pinterest board for this idea may be my favorite yet! I love it! It’s going to be such a fun story with friendship bracelets, bucket lists, campfires, and all the teen fun you can imagine. Yeah, I’m already in love. XD I’m already itching to write it soooooo we’ll see if I hold off until Nano. I mean, it’s a summer story so I should naturally write it in the summer, right?? (The only problem with this logic is that I have another summer story that I was already planning to write this summer… oops? Maybe I can write two books at once…)

Your turn!

How do you come up with new story ideas? What does your outlining process look like? Do you have any exciting summer plans?

Blessings, Allyson


8 thoughts on “Recap on YWW Challenge (+ sharing a bit about my new story!)

  1. This week WAS so much fun! I started a standalone prequel book for my current series (which I am close to publishing) because of it, and I’m so glad I did! (I did the aesthetic tag about my WIP- the prequel story)

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    1. Yes, it was!!! Wow! That’s so awesome!! Congratulations!! 😄💙 (I remember seeing that! I loved the aesthetics, I can’t wait for this book!)

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  2. Ahh your story sounds so amazing! I love summery contemporary novels 🥰 I totally agree with you… I’ve been writing for years, but this week helped me hone my process more, and I’m SUPER excited about my idea. Thanks so much for sharing, Allyson!

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    1. Aww, thank you so much, Ava!! Yesssss, me too!!! The vibes are just spot on. XD Agreed!! I learned so much this past week and had a blast too! I’m super excited about my new story!! 🥰 Thanks for reading!!

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