A Temporary Break

Hello, friends! I’ve talked a lot on this blog about breaks and the importance of breaks and how everyone needs to take them from time to time.

Well, I’m taking a piece of my own advice.

I’m taking a break.

I have been lacking creative fuel lately and life has been overwhelmingly busy. I’ve even taken a short break from my fictional writing because of a lack of inspiration. And when I missed my first blog post last Friday (yup, that was not on purpose) because I completely forgot and then didn’t have time to schedule one for today… I knew something had to change.

I love this blog. Please do not grow worried that I’m giving up on it or something. But we all need breaks sometimes, and I need one right now.

So for the next two weeks you can catch up on my previous blog posts or perhaps enjoy the reprieve from my posts. For those of you subscribed to my email list, you will still be seeing my monthly newsletter in your inbox later this week. If you’re not signed up, be sure to do that so you don’t miss out!

I plan to be back in the thick of it come October, hopefully feeling rejuvenated and revived! Filled up creatively again and ready to take on the world!

Until then…


Your turn!

Have you recently taken some time off to refill your well? Or do you feel creatively inspired and ready to defeat your to do lists? What helps you feel motivated?

Blessings, Allyson


8 thoughts on “A Temporary Break

  1. Yesss, like Vanessa was saying, I’m always amazed at the consistency and quality of each of your posts!!! I hope your break is refreshing and inspiring!! ❤ 😀

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