Men of Iron by Howard Pyle

Five stars

The price of honor…
Myles Falworth was only eight years old the day a knight in black rode into the courtyard of his father’s castle with murderous intent, triggering a chain of events that brought disgrace to the house of Falworth. In spite of his family’s disgrace, young Myles quickly wins a reputation for courage and independence while in training as a knight at the castle of the great Earl of Mackworth. Then one day, when Myles is sixteen, he discover that his blind father has been condemned for treason, and is being hunted by a powerful enemy who is close to the King. To challenge the King’s champion means certain death. Myles must fight to restore his family’s rights, but does he dare to risk battle to win back his family’s honor?

This was such a sweet and fun classic to read! I especially loved Myles’ childhood and couldn’t help but feel sad when he grew up. But still, the story was great even then!

If you enjoy adventurous reads as well as knights in shining armor, then you will enjoy this book. All of Myles’s heartache will become your own in this heartfelt story. Howard Pyle is a master storyteller and I have loved every book I’ve read of his.

I would definitely recommend this!

Your turn!

Do you enjoy reading classics? Do you enjoy adventure stories? Have you read Howard Pyle’s Men of Iron?

Blessings, Allyson


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