The Rejected King by Kortney Keisel

Four stars

The king hired her to find him a wife. She fell for him instead.

Marriage is the only thing that can save King Davin’s most-hated reputation. And to make things worse, Davin hired the one girl he’s most attracted to, but her social class makes her an impossible choice for his future.

Emree Dutson has one goal: raise the king’s approval ratings so she can get a permanent job at the castle. Falling in love with the king wasn’t part of the job description. Now her feelings for him are ruining everything.

Will Davin risk his crown for love?

This book was a very cute and fun read! I barely put it down until I finished. It was a perfect blend of humor, romance, and twists!

However, there was a scene at the beginning that was uncomfortable. It wasn’t inappropriate per say, but under some standards it would be. It was definitely not a part I enjoyed.

Also, I didn’t realize the book was going to have such a huge romance. It felt almost as if there was no plot aside from the romance. Not exactly my cup of tea. While I enjoy a healthy dose of romance, I also enjoy more focus on other things as well. Just my opinion. But if you’re looking for a good romance read, this book is perfect for you (it was super fun)!

But, as I said, it was a super fun read and one I enjoyed despite these things!

Your turn!

Do you enjoy romance books? Or do you enjoy more adventure? Have you ever read The Rejected King?

Blessings, Allyson


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