Dearest Josephine by Caroline George

Five stars

Caroline George sweeps readers up into two different time periods with an unexpected love story that prompts us to reimagine what it means to be present with the people we love.

2020: Chocolate and Earl Grey tea can’t fix Josie De Clare’s horrible year. She mourned the death of her father and suffered a teen-life crisis, which delayed her university plans. But when her father’s will reveals a family-owned property in Northern England, Josie leaves London to find clarity at the secluded manor house. While exploring the estate, she discovers two-hundred-year-old love letters written by an elusive novelist, all addressed to someone named Josephine. And then she discovers a novel in which it seems like she’s the heroine…

1820: Novelist Elias Roch loves a woman he can never be with. Born the bastard son to a nobleman and cast out from society, Elias seeks refuge in his mind with the quirky heroine who draws him into a fantasy world of scandal, betrayal, and unconditional love. Convinced she’s his soulmate, Elias writes letters to her, all of which divulge the tragedy and trials of his personal life.

As fiction blurs into reality, Josie and Elias must decide: How does one live if love can’t wait? Separated by two hundred years, they fight against time to find each other in a story of her, him, and the novel written by the man who loves her.

If I could give this more than five stars I would.

This book was a masterpiece. There’s no other way to say it. The raw emotion portrayed throughout this story was beautiful to say the least. I cried at parts and laughed at others. Sometimes I would just stare and wonder what this book was doing to me. This book made me think of parts of myself and wonder how I could become better.

Just as reading Elias’ letters made Josie want to be better.

I thought Pride and Prejudice was one of the sweetest romances, but not anymore. This romance will make you cry and swoon all at once. This whole story will leave you with a feeling you can’t put into words.

All I can say is read it. Read it and experience the beauty for yourself. They say why waste your time reading good books when you can read great books, well, this is truly a great book. Amazing book. I can’t fangirl enough.

“I do believe literature holds the best of us . . . or perhaps it reflects the better versions of who we are.”

― Caroline George, Dearest Josephine

Your turn!

Do you enjoy romance? Have you read Dearest Josephine? Do you like emotional books?

Blessings, Allyson


6 thoughts on “Dearest Josephine by Caroline George

    1. XD Lol!! I’ll get you to read it one of these days and then I’ll be the one supplying the tissues! XD


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