Calling Yourself a Writer: Claim It

You’ve chosen your path. You’ve made your decision. In your heart, you know what you are.

You are a writer.

You want to scream it from the rooftops. You want to tell the whole world! You want to yell that one day, your books are going to be amazing. But yet, you don’t.

You find it hard to actually say the words outside of the fantasy world in your head. When anybody asks, you beat around the bush and avoid answering. Why can you not say the words? Why can you not accept your identity as what it is?

God has chosen you for this path, whether you’re confident or not. He believes in you and what you’re capable of. Why can you not do the same?

Maybe you’re scared. Maybe you’re unsure. Maybe you don’t want to commit to something you may later give up on. But, my friend, if you don’t claim it now, then you will give up on your dream too soon.

I was there once. I loved to write but never wanted to claim it in front of my friends and family. I was shy and I didn’t want to say to them, “I’m a writer”. Something about those three little words caused butterflies to flutter in my stomach and my tongue to stick to the roof of my mouth.

For years I couldn’t claim it. Even though in my head I knew that’s what I was, I couldn’t find the courage to say it. By then it was obvious to everyone around me that I loved to write but I still wouldn’t say the words.

Then, one day, I did.

Suddenly, something inside me opened up and a spring of courage burst forth. I couldn’t stop saying it. I’m a writer. I’m a writer! I’m a writer! What I didn’t realize until that moment was that I had been doubting myself and my ability to stick with this dream. But unleashing those words was me saying, I’m a writer, and I’m not going to give up on this.

So do yourself a favor and right there, right now say those words out loud if you haven’t yet. I am a writer. Say it again. And again. And again. Until you fully believe them to be true. Because you have to believe it first before anyone else will.

But don’t just say it to yourself! Tell a family member. Tell a friend. Write a blog post and tell your fans that you are a writer. Do whatever it takes for you to accept it! Accepting your identity as a writer is key to your dream ever becoming a reality.

“I’m a writer.”

(Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?)

Your turn!

Do you call yourself a writer? Do you struggle with self-doubt? Do your friends and family know about your dream?

Blessings, Allyson


6 thoughts on “Calling Yourself a Writer: Claim It

  1. I’M A WRITER!! *screams it from the rooftops* How true this is! I remember the first time someone outside my family asked about my book. It was so scary at first, but once that person started asking questions and I started talking about my book . . . It’s so emboldening!!

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    1. That’s the spirit!!! 😄 That is so true!! It’s always scary when you have to talk about your own story but the more you do it, the stronger you’ll become in your identity! To raise pens like swords!!


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