A Special Bookish Announcement + a Giveaway

Have you ever read The Wonderland Trials by Sara Ella? I personally really enjoyed the story and that’s saying something since I have never been a fan of Alice in Wonderland. But so far this book has only been in hardcover… Until now.

*drum roll*



The paperback copy releases June 6! But if you preorder it before then you can enter this giveaway…


All you have to do is submit your receipt in the form above and you’ll be entered to win:

✨ a physical ARC of The Looking-Glass Illusion (if the winner is international they will receive an e-ARC) ✨


Isn’t it all exciting??

Sara Ella is an incredible author and she deserves so much support. I hope you all preorder a copy of your own for this fantabulous book! And don’t forget about the giveaway too!!

Your turn!

Have you read The Wonderland Trials yet? Which do you prefer, paperback or hardcover? Do you love giveaways as much as I do?

Blessings, Allyson


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