How to Find More Reading Time

I know not all writers are readers (which still seems insane to me!), but a lot of us are. And for those who are, it can be hard to find time for this favorite past time. Life gets in the way. Writing takes over our time. And reading gets pushed aside.

It’s sad… but true. For me, it’s been pushed aside a lot lately. So a friend and I decided to switch that problem around and create a challenge this month to read twenty books. Yeah… I know that’s a lot. But we may have made a bet out of it sooooo… yeah, I plan to complete this challenge if it’s the last thing that I do. XD

But I’ve actually really enjoyed this challenge and it’s barely even started! Not only because it’s forcing me to read way more than I had been, but because it’s teaching me that it’s not as hard to find reading time as you might think. Don’t believe me? Keep reading for my top tips.

#1: Cut back on screen time

I know you saw this coming. You might be groaning because you’re tired of this being the magic answer to everything (sometimes I am too). But I can’t help how much it’s helped me.

I don’t even spend that much time on my phone… or so I thought. But when I make a conscious effort to be on it even less, the difference is insane. I read a post on Instagram about how even if you only spend an hour or two a day on your phone, by the end of the month that could add up to 60 hours! Imagine if you spent all that time reading… all the books you could have read!

Next time you go to pick up your phone stop yourself and ask whether you really need to get on it right now. Could you be doing something else instead? Like, I don’t know… reading??

#2: Always have one handy

This may go without saying, but always have a book on you. Okay, maybe there are a few instances when you don’t necessarily need to take a book with you… none are coming to mind right now but I’m sure there are a few. But really, if you have one handy then you are that much more likely to read it.

On car rides, in the mornings, when you go camping, while you’re waiting in a long line at the store. Seriously, you can read whenever. Sure it’s nice to have set reading times, but that’s not always practical. Don’t not read simply because your planned time got used up doing something else. Read wherever you are! A few minutes here and there can add up to a lot of reading time!

#3: What can you cut back on?

Like screentime, sometimes there are things in our life that can be cut back on to make time for other things we wish we had more time for. (Wow. That was a complicated sentence.)

For me, it was movies. A lot of evenings my family enjoys sitting down and relaxing with a nice Hallmark movie. It’s nice, it’s relaxing, it’s a great way to end the day. But it’s also very time consuming.

It’s pretty amazing how much I can get done if I don’t join movie time in the evenings. That’s actually a large reason of how I’m staying on track this month with this reading goal. Find the thing in your life that you can cut back on and you’ll be amazed by how much time you have to spend doing things you really love. It may seem like a small thing, but when those small things add up it becomes a lot of time.

Now, that being said, I still watch movies. I’m not saying don’t ever do this thing again. But do I need to watch a movie every evening? That’s where the question lies. Add up how much time you spend on things like this and you’ll be amazed. Now imagine if you spend all that time reading… pretty amazing, right?

Your turn!

Are you a serious bookworm? Do you struggle to find time for it? What things can you cut back on in your life to find more time for reading?

Blessings, Allyson


4 thoughts on “How to Find More Reading Time

  1. Ahh, great post!!! I’m afraid the majority of my reading occurs at night when it’s way too late and I should be sleeping because I need energy for the next day…yeah. I need to put these tips into practice!!! XD

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    1. Thanks!! Haha! I’ve never been much of a late night reader because I can’t concentrate when I get tired. XD But I’ve kind of turned into one more recently… Yeah, I’ve come over to the dark side and I’m not sure I like it. XD Lol!! You and me both!!

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  2. I like attending reading challenges (Crazy Reading Week was one of them) to help with accountability. And, yes, cutting back on screen time can help! I am very much a night owl and that’s when I do most of my reading. It can be helpful, but if you’re really annoyed or enthralled with the book (take for instance, me huddled on my bed with a Sherlock Holmes’ case, about to scream at one of the characters for being so oblivious to literally everything), I may accidentally wake up my sister, or cause my parents to come in and say, “Anna, how are you still awake? Go to sleep!” XD

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    1. I love reading challenges! I prefer them more small scale though so I enjoy doing them with friends all the time! LOL! Yes!!! XD I get that so well. Though for me I read a lot of comedy books so it’ll be eleven o’clock at night and I laugh out loud and then be like “oops, did I just laugh out loud??”. 🤣 Yeah. Yes, I did. XD Oh the problems we bookworms have! XD

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