An Amazing FREE Opportunity for Young Writers

Have you ever started a story idea with all the excitement and glamor that a new story brings… only to have it fall flat a week or two later? If you’re a writer, then I’m guessing the answer is yes. Spoiler: it happens to everyone.

Even experienced writers can struggle with this. In the moment, a new idea is so wonderful and it wants to steal away all of our attention. It promises bright and beautiful things… but it doesn’t always deliver.

But the problem isn’t with the story, it’s with us.

It’s true. I’ve learned over time that if I take certain steps in the developing stage of a new story idea then I am much more apt to stick with the idea and carry it out to novel size. It’s not easy however. As always, there will be road bumps and sometimes entire road blocks along the way.

I think it’s safe to say we can all relate with this.

Which is why I am SO excited to share about an amazing opportunity for young writers! The people behind The Young Writer’s Workshop and The Author Conservatory are putting on a FREE week long event for this very topic. There will be trainings from authors like Kara Swanson, Chuck Black, and S.D Smith. And they’ll be there to help YOU develop a brand new story idea and help you create something that you can’t wait to write.

No, this is not a paid advertisement. XD This is simply me being so excited for this event! I can’t wait to dive into the trainings they have and the feedback that we’ll receive. I’m so excited that I knew I had to share.

So if this is something that sounds just as interesting to you, then sign up using the button below! You’ll see me there as well. And if you want more information on it, then check out their website here.

I hope to see you there!

Your turn!

Do you struggle with developing new story ideas? Do you have a hard time sticking with a project? What story idea do you plan on taking to this event?

Blessings, Allyson


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