The Benefits of a Writing Community (King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp is Opening Soon!)

When I was first starting out as a writer I struggled with many things. But I had no idea what to do to help me in these areas. I thought I was all alone and had no one to turn to for help. What I didn’t realize then but realize now was that what I needed most was a writing community.

A circle of writerly friends has changed my writing so massively it’s unbelievable. I’m not exaggerating. For years I was nothing more than a struggling writer wondering if I would ever have the motivation to make this a real thing. Little did I know that right around the corner would be the first writing community I would join.

And that it would change my writing career forever.

I want to list several of the hardest things I struggled with and see if they are some of the same things you struggle with.

#1: Motivation/Inspiration

Tell me if this sounds like you. You write for weeks on end, spending all of your time scribbling away furiously at a new, shiny story idea. You love the story, you couldn’t imagine not finishing it, and suddenly you see your whole writing future spread out beautifully before you. Then, it happens again.

You lose motivation.

This newness of the story idea wears off and you lose interest. You stop writing for several months, wondering if you’ll ever pick up a pencil again. Repeat this cycle about a million times over.

This was ten year old me. And it was painful.

In fact, it wasn’t until I was around thirteen (maybe fourteen?) that I found my first writing community to join, and still years after that that I found a group that was truly encouraging and motivating for me. Now, these days we have Pinterest, Spotify, and other apps that are great inspirational tools for writers. But those are short lasting bursts of inspiration. What will give you motivation that lasts?

A writing community.

#2: A Clear Path

As a young writer, I was lost as to any direction. What steps should I take? What resources would help improve my writing? What areas should I improve/focus on? I had so many questions! And no one to ask them. I was very, very lost. And, again, it took me several years to get a sense of where I should be going with my writing. This happened when I joined a writing community.

Because in a writing community there will be writers ahead of you in the process that are able to help answer any questions you may have. They can help you in areas you can improve. And you can get personalized feedback on your own writing. Suddenly, I was growing more than ever as a writer. It was really an amazing feeling.

#3: Encouragement

Sometimes, you need to hear the words, “You’ve got this!” or “Keep going!”. You can find all kind of encouraging pins on Pinterest but none of it is the same as personalized encouragement from someone in your writing community. From someone who knows the struggles you’ve been having and can tell you exactly what you need to hear.

I couldn’t say how many times I’ve gotten on and spilled my guts. It’s really quite ugly when I get in a discouraging hole. But there’s always people to instantly combat that discouragement with encouragement and help to get me out of the pit I’d fallen into. They help me pick myself back up and return to my writing. To not give up. To keep going.


All that to say, I have exciting news! You can join a FREE writing community that is the same exact one I’ve referred to. This writing group has strengthened my writing and gotten me through some hard times. It’s taken me from a struggling writer to a writer confident in who she is and prepared for the next steps.

The King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp is such a fun way to be more motivated to write. They have authors (yes, real authors!) that have already been through what you’re dreaming of doing and are more than willing to answer any questions you may have. There are writers in all stages on there to help motivate and encourage you! And who knows, maybe you’ll be an encouragement yourself.

You can find the website here.

Your turn!

Have you ever joined KDWC or other writing groups? Can you relate to any of the points I mentioned above? Will I see you this camp?

Blessings, Allyson


12 thoughts on “The Benefits of a Writing Community (King’s Daughters’ Writing Camp is Opening Soon!)

  1. Looking forward to writing this Camp! πŸ˜€
    I can definitely relate to your post. KDWC introduced me to some great girls and amazing friends. ❀ Story-wise, I've learned a lot and have started a lot more strong stories thanks to the prompts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too!! Yes, so many of my friends were made through camp. I love it so much! πŸ’™ My writing has grown so much as well. Everyone’s feedback is so helpful and encouraging!! I can’t wait to see you there!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY!!! I’m so glad she got you to join!! I can’t wait to sprint with you on there! You can totally finish that draft! Rooting for you!! πŸ’™

      Liked by 1 person

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