Smoke Screen by P.D. Atkerson | Guest Review

Five stars

Pulled from prison, Lever finds himself playing with the FBI while he bides his time and waits for his opportunity to escape.

Agent Sheldon did not sign up to be a federal babysitter, but that’s exactly what he finds himself doing when he’s made Lever’s handler.

With a terrorist attack looming, Agent Sheldon and Lever soon learn that what they thought was true may not be.

But will they be able to work together and stop the attack? Or does Lever have other plans?

This was a great thriller book. I’d definitely give it 5 stars. 

Characters: The main characters were Lever: a criminal helping the FBI, and Agent Derek Sheldon: you guessed it, an agent with the FBI. 😉 Lever is a great character. He’s a bad guy but in this story he’s the protagonist. No spoilers but by the end he’s a really likable character. He has a ton of sarcasm so if you don’t care much for that, you might not want to read this. I like sarcasm if it’s done well and I think this is done pretty well. I didn’t like Agent Sheldon at first but as I saw him in his home, I started liking him a lot. 

Storyline/plot: I really liked the plot. It kept me on the edge. Basically, Lever is a criminal and the FBI bring him in to help them stop Lever’s “friends” from killing some people. The last five-ish chapters are very tense. I really love tense books as long as they’re not gory. 

Theme: Well, I thought it was good. It was on teamwork and redemption. Lever and Agent Sheldon have to work together on the case. Also, we see Lever slowly change which is where the redemption theme comes in. 

Overall: This was really good and I definitely recommend it for thriller fans. This is book one in a series P D Atkerson is currently writing. Book two will hopefully come out this year. I hope y’all enjoyed this and if you like thrillers and haven’t read this yet, you should definitely give it a try.

About the Reviewer:

Sara is a recent graduate, writer of Sci-fi, thrillers, contemporary and dystopia. While she hasn’t been published yet, she’s hard at work, writing her Sci-fi trilogy. She lives with her family, and homeschools her siblings (younger and a little older) with special needs. She hopes to be published in the next year or two. 

Your turn!

Have you read Smoke Screen by P.D. Atkerson? Do you enjoy thrillers with all the intensity and action or do you prefer more cozy reads? Do you like the redemptive villain trope?

Blessings, Allyson


10 thoughts on “Smoke Screen by P.D. Atkerson | Guest Review

  1. Always nice to see a 5-star review for one of my all-time favorite characters. 😎 For those of you who enjoyed Smoke Screen, book #2, Lost Time is coming out March 4th!

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