Love and Other Great Expectations by Becky Dean

Five stars

An American girl embarks on a competitive scavenger hunt in England—and along the way, meets up with a bookish British boy who can’t help her with the clues . . . but might make the trip take some unexpected turns.

Britt Hanson has always preferred scoring goals on the soccer field to analyzing dusty old books. But when an injury ends her dream to play in college, she jumps at the chance to compete in a scavenger hunt in England that takes her to the locations of classic novels—the prize money would change her life!

There she meets bookish and very British Luke Jackson. He can’t actually help her with any of the clues (against the rules), but something about Luke compels her to invite him to join her. She wouldn’t mind getting to know him—and listening to his accent.

To win, Britt must outwit three smart competitors who aren’t afraid to play dirty while solving clues and traveling around the English countryside. Along the way, Britt learns that sometimes you have to follow the map and other times, you need to throw caution to the wind and see where the cobblestoned road takes you.

Ack! This book was so amazing!! Luke, Britt, Al… *sigh*

So many books that I read are shallow. They spin a great story, provide a nice place to escape to and… That’s about it. Yes, I enjoy those type of books as well, but they can get dull.

When compared to books that make you think, feel, and imagine how your own life could be better… They feel like child’s play. Books like L&OGE make you look at your own life in ways you hadn’t done before. They make you think of things you hadn’t thought before. And they make you feel, truly feel. It’s a soul crushing, heart wrenching experience. And I love it.

Blame it on the adorable romance, the British accents, or Britt’s comedic ways, but those were all just the icing on the cake for me. Because, to me, this book is brilliant. I’m in love. Over the moon. And I don’t want to shut up about this book now! Don’t mind me while I go recommend it to all my friends.

Please read it! You won’t regret it.

*please note: I received a copy of this book from Net Galley. All thoughts and opinions were my own.

“Forgiveness is acknowledging they hurt you but moving forward and letting go of the bitterness.”

Becky Dean, Love & Other Great Expectations

Your turn!

Do you enjoy contemporary? Which do you prefer, a simple enjoyment read or a book that makes you think? Have you read Love & Other Great Expectations?

Blessings, Allyson


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