Your Identity as a Writer

Why do you write?

Some people do it for fame. Some for the money. And others for the awards and accolades. But why do you write?

This is a question that not all writers know. It’s taken me a long time to figure it out. But it’s something that requires some soul searching, and it’s something that should be thought through more than writers give it credit.

If you’re writing for fame, then you will be disappointed if you don’t hit the New York bestseller list and reach lots of fans. In fact, there’s a lot of small authors out there. They have an avid readership but not the fame you’re searching for. How would you feel if that were to become you?

If you’re in it for the money, then what if you don’t get a big enough figure from your book contract? Are you going to turn down the chance to get published because it wasn’t enough money? Is money really that important to you? If so, that’s a dangerous place to be. Money will always disappoint.

If you want the awards and accolades then you’re going to learn fast that not all authors get them. Does that make them any less of an author? No. In fact, it makes them better in my opinion. Because they are striving after what they love even though they aren’t getting recognition. But will you give up if you don’t receive this? Again, awards will disappoint. They are not the end all. Just because you receive one, doesn’t mean you’re suddenly a terrific writer.

So I’ll ask you again, why do you write?

My answer has always been to give readers a story they can enjoy and escape with for a time. To bring light into a dark world. I want to create stories that will bring a person joy.

But I’ve recently realized that isn’t enough.

That is only a surface reason.

After a lot of soul searching, I realized my real reason for writing.

I write because God, my creator, gave me this gift and ability to weave stories together. I write to bring glory to Him and point others to Him. I write because without it, I wouldn’t know how to breathe. I write for Him.

Because He will never disappoint. He will never let me down. And as long as I am following Him, it will all be made beautiful.

Your turn!

Why do you write? Are you in it for the fame, money, or awards? What is your reason?

Blessings, Allyson


8 thoughts on “Your Identity as a Writer

  1. So beautiful, Allyson!
    I write because I have so many stories in my head if I didn’t I’d go crazy. God has blessed me with a love for the written word and an overactive imagination. I write to awaken hope in my readers because hope is the furnace the key to keep going. Without hope there is nothing for which to strive. God is the greatest form of hope and in Him all hope rests. So I write to spread the light and hope He brings to life!

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    1. Thanks!
      Haha! I feel that so much. 😆 That is so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing that, I needed to hear it. Hope is a theme I’ve been wrestling with lately, in my life and my writing. Everyone needs to be reminded that there is always hope! 💙

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      1. That’s beautiful!! It’s a common theme that I find within my own stories as well. It’s a theme that I think can never get old. 💙


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