Preparing for NaNo and Facing Your Doubts

NaNoWriMo is officially a little less than one week away. How do you feel? Nervous? Excited? Scared that you won’t do your story justice? Or are you simply scared of failing?

All of these fears and more are perfectly justified in what you’re about to do. Attempting to write a novel in one month is not an easy task and shouldn’t be taken lightly. What you’re about to do is incredible, something some people only dream of doing.

But the simple truth is: you’re scared. When you decided to join this challenge it sounded fun, now it feels impossible. I get the feeling of doubting yourself at every turn, and especially before embarking on a journey such as NaNo. But I want you to know that you aren’t alone. Many writers around the world are gathering together to try and write a novel in a month. They all have doubts in one form or another.

“Yeah, that’s great,” you’re probably thinking, “but that’s not helping my stress level.” Yeah, maybe it won’t. Which is why I’ve come up with three reasons why you should face your doubts and feel joy again about NaNo.

Reason #1: Somebody Needs Your Story

It’s true. There is somebody out there, right now, that needs to hear your story you’re about to write. Writing can be a very solitary process and you might feel as if nobody cares about whether you do or don’t finish your novel. Maybe no one does care right now, but they will. One day, when your book is in print, people will care. And somebody will need your story.

Reason #2: You Can’t Quit

If you’re doing NaNo then, chances are, you’ve spent this entire month and maybe more planning out your novel. Are you willing to give up all of that hard work because of a few doubts? Maybe your doubts are really that bad that, yeah, you would be willing. If so, let me give you a boost of encouragement to not quit. You can’t give up on a story that never even had a chance to see the light of day.

Reason #3: Your Words are Beautiful

Believe it. Soak it in. Know in your heart that you can create something beautiful. Words are powerful, they’re wonderful, and they can change a person’s life. Your story can change a person’s life. Yes, yours. Tell yourself that your words are great, they’re unique, they’re beautiful. I’m not suggesting a cocky attitude here, but you have to believe in yourself if you ever plan to get anywhere.

So there you have it. My three reasons why you can’t give up on NaNo before it even begins. And that goes for during NaNo too. Don’t give up on yourself or your story! Because this story inside of you needs to come out, and it needs to be read. People do care about you and your story.

Your turn!

What doubts and fears do you have going into NaNo? Are you ready to write a novel in a month? What is your book about?

Blessings, Allyson


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