3 Tips on Boosting Your Creativity

When I first started writing I was comparable to Anne Shirley. I was bursting with imagination and fantastical ideas. I literally filled notebooks with silly musings and the way I viewed the world. Creativity flowed with gusto in those days as if it was simply free for the taking.

But, as I got older, something happened. Maybe I grew up, maybe I finally began to take life seriously (*gasp*). I’m not sure, maybe it’s just part of getting older. But somewhere along the way, I felt as though I lost some of my creativity.

This can be a scary thing as a writer. I mean, without creativity, you don’t have stories to tell. For me, I’ve found that I have to work harder to boost my creativity than I did when I was younger. Here are my top three tips on how to do that.

#1: Go for a Walk

Nothing can be more refreshing then stepping outside and going for a lovely stroll. Nature is a beautiful friend and peaceful when the world can sometimes be rather chaotic. I find this very nourishing to my creative process and refilling when my well is getting dry.

If you need a break from your WIP or are looking for a fresh burst of creativity, step outside. Go for a walk. And spend time with nature and your thoughts.

#2: Read a Book

Books! For most writers, this is one of the best parts of their life. Reading is rejuvenating and can often inspire us in our own writing.

But too often, our own busyness can draw us away from this hobby. I know I’m guilty of this all too often. Sometimes I have to make a conscious effort to sit down and read a book (which seems very sad). But every time I do, I find my creativity boosts up several notches.

#3: Do Something You Love

The whole point of all of these exercises is for you to relax and reconnect with the world around you. Another way for you to do this is by doing something you love and find enjoyment in. This will be something different for each individual.

For me, this is often playing the piano, spending time with family or chatting with friends, drinking a cup of tea, or even having fun with a bit of graphic design. These are things that relax me and make me find joy in life again. Through them, my creativity flourishes. And so can yours.

Your turn!

How do you boost your creativity? What relaxes you? What are your favorite go-to reads?

Blessings, Allyson


4 thoughts on “3 Tips on Boosting Your Creativity

    1. Yes!! I agree! 😂 I love going on walks! Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I listen to podcasts, and sometimes I just listen to nature. It’s always so inspiring to my creativity!

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  1. Ooooooooooh, these tips are so simple, but they’re so … lovely? I don’t know what’s a good word haha. Especially the walk. (Just don’t be super weird like the guys who thought we should communicate with nature … and it’s talking right back to us. Henry Thoreau and Walt Whitman. Sigh.)
    I’m guilty of the reading aspect, too … I don’t like reading as much anymore LOL! (I will, however, make an exception for the book I’m reading for school. Other than some of the more lengthy descriptions, it’s captivating. 😀 )

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    1. Haha! Thanks!! Yes, walking might be my favorite one on this list. (Lol! No, nothing like that. 😂 Just some quiet time where you can relax and refill your creative well.) That’s too bad! I feel you though. Sometimes I feel as though reading has lost its appeal to me, but then other times I can read fast enough. 😂 I’m trying to find books that I love though and will get me excited to read. Even if that means rereading old favorites! That’s really helping me!


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