How to Fit Writing Into a Busy Schedule

Life is full of distractions as well as situations that will keep us busy all day long… all week long… all month long. Scratch that. We’re always busy.

We say we’ll make time for writing when things slow down. We’ll get to it later, right? But then later turns into even later, which gets pushed off even more, and finally we have to face facts and admit it. We don’t have time.

Or, at least that’s how it feels most of the time. Life is busy. You have your hobbies, your family, your friends, possibly children or a job. Where in all of that does writing fit in?

It can feel overwhelming at times. I can feel overwhelmed. But I want to point out two important facts that should hopefully help you not only prioritize your tasks, but also give you more time to write.

#1: Priorities are Everything

As with everything in life, you have to prioritize what is important to you. You are only human, and as such, you cannot do everything. Despite what you might think is possible.

You have to prioritize your tasks, then divide and conquer. Your priorities can change week to week but by knowing what is important to accomplish this week, you are more likely to complete your tasks. For example, this week a priority for me is to focus on getting my Etsy shop ready to launch and all the details that go into that. Next week, I’ll probably be more focused on something else.

Writing can even be a priority. A lot of times, it is for me. But through some seasons of life, it’s actually not. Which leads us into my second point.

#2: It’s Okay to Take a Break

Something I’ve had to realize over time and especially more recently, is that it’s okay to take breaks. Life is busy and even stressful at times, writing is the same. We are not some machine that can keep cranking out more and more words at the drop of a hat. That will only lead to burn out.

We have to take time for ourselves and refill our creative wells. We have to replenish what we’ve taken out. We have to allow time for breaks.

Maybe through some especially busy seasons of life, writing is not a priority because it is only causing more stress. You have to evaluate yourself and decide when you can and can’t focus on writing. It’s okay to admit that sometimes you cannot commit to writing times.

In my opinion, it’s much better to take a break from writing than to spend a stressful couple of hours writing something that will only need to be edited out later on.

Now, I am not giving you permission to give up on your writing or quit when life gets tough. You cannot give up on writing. That is not what I’m saying here.

But too often through life, we push ourselves too hard with no end in sight. But we all need breaks at times. So take one!

Bonus Side Note!

While we’re on this topic… This Thursday two of my favorite authors are hosting a webinar on this exact topic! Nadine Brandes and Sara Ella co-host a webinar called “From Head to Tome”. Their upcoming one is called “Writing When You’re Busy is Possible”. Here’s the description:

We all have the unending to-do list. We must raise kids, attend classes, cook, run errands, finish homework, spend time with family, work, make time for friends, and . . . oh, right, we need to fit writing in somewhere, too. When it comes to letting a task fall by the wayside, it can be easy to feel guilty about not writing as well as let our unfinished manuscripts collect dust. We know what it’s like to be busy, and that’s why on this episode of “From Head to Tome” we’ll be discussing the mindset behind writing when busy (because, let’s face it, that likely won’t change)! We’ll also talk about how to find freedom in the busyness, and how to make writing a priority when it’s the right time. Including writing in your day isn’t just about checking off a box or saying “no” to other things. It’s about shifting your mindset and choosing to fill your days with the things that fill you and others up.

I join almost every one of their webinars and love them all so much! It is never a waste of money and you learn so much awesome information. I will be joining this one for sure.

Sign up here and I’ll see you there!

Your turn!

How do you find time to write through the busy seasons of life? Do you prioritize your tasks? Will you be joining Nadine Brandes and Sara Ella’s webinar?

Blessings, Allyson


4 thoughts on “How to Fit Writing Into a Busy Schedule

  1. Awesome post!! Ooh, I’ve never paid for something like that webinar but it sounds very worthwhile! (Plus, I love Nadine and Sara’s books soooo much!!!!)

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    1. Thanks! I would definitely recommend it!! 😃 I love their webinars so much! This webinar was actually postponed though, so if you want to join it’ll now be September 29 I believe!

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