When Your Dreams Feel Unreachable… Reach Anyways

Have you ever felt as if your dream are unreachable? Do you feel as though no matter how high you reach or how hard you work it will never be good enough? Because your dream is unreachable.

You are not alone. Everyone feels that over something they longed for. But, when they felt that way, what did they do? What will you do?

Harriet Tubman was told that she would always be a slave. But not only did she escape, she led many other slaves to freedom as well.

Corrie Ten Boom felt the discouragement of imprisonment, but she was set free and later became a very motivational speaker.

Each person from history felt, in some way, discouraged. They felt like giving up. They felt as if they would never achieve their dreams. But they did.

However, I think a lot about the unsung heroes of the past–or, should I say, those who could have become heroes. But they didn’t have the courage to reach their dreams. They didn’t work hard enough to see them to fruition. And they didn’t believe it could happen.

And so their dreams were never reached.

Let that sink in.

Do you want that to be you?

How badly do you want to reach your dreams?

If your dream is the same as mine, then you want to see a book of yours in print. Published. With your name on the cover.

But do you have the courage to scale the scary hurdles along the way? Do you have the ambition and drive to work hard enough to see it happen? Most of all, do you believe that, with God’s help, you will see your books published and your dreams reached?

If you don’t have those three things then your dreams are unreachable. But if you never stop dreaming, never stop believing, then one day you will see your dreams come true.

Keep reaching, even if your dreams feel unreachable.

Your turn!

Do you have dreams that feel unreachable? Do you have the determination to see them through? Would you like to share a dream that you have?

Blessings, Allyson


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