The Business of Being a Writer by Jane Friedman

Five stars

Writers talk about their work in many ways: as an art, as a calling, as a lifestyle. Too often missing from these conversations is the fact that writing is also a business. The reality is, those who want to make a full- or part-time job out of writing are going to have a more positive and productive career if they understand the basic business principles underlying the industry.

The Business of Being a Writer offers the business education writers need but so rarely receive. It is meant for early-career writers looking to develop a realistic set of expectations about making money from their work or for working writers who want a better understanding of the industry. Writers will gain a comprehensive picture of how the publishing world works—from queries and agents to blogging and advertising—and will learn how they can best position themselves for success over the long term.

Writers can become very focused on the writing itself when it comes to an author’s life but they forget or don’t realize that there’s more to it than that. In this book, Jane Friedman shows writers the business side of writing in a comprehensive way. This book is eye opening and, possibly, life-changing for writers.

I appreciated this amazing book from everything I gleaned from it as well as the way the author kept it appropriate. Too often I find great books on writing only to read a couple of pages and have to dnf it. It’s frustrating so I really appreciate it when I stumble across great books like this one.

So if you’re a writer and are curious about the business side of writing as I was, this is a great place to start!

“Mark Twain’s most successful work was sold by traveling salesmen going door to door—at a time when this form of marketing was considered extremely impolite.”

― Jane Friedman, The Business of Being a Writer

Your turn!

Have you learned much about the business side of writing or do you focus more on the craft? What are some of your favorite books on writing? Do you read non-fiction?

Blessings, Allyson


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