Dear Writer, Your Words Matter

Let that sink in.

Believe it.

Know that your words need to be heard.

Too often we fall into the trap that our words are just another voice in the crowd, and we feel like we’re not heard. But you are. Maybe it’s just by one person, but maybe that one person needs your words more than a million would.

Maybe you have a blog and you have a small following, mainly consisting of your family and close friends. I’ve been there. It can be discouraging. But don’t let it be! Because your words matter.

Or maybe you’re writing a novel but no one has read it but yourself. You sit at your desk day after day feeling lonely and underappreciated. You feel like your words will never be read, your voice will never be heard, and your words will never matter.

But they will.

They matter right now. Never believe the lie that your words are not worthy to be read. Never give up hope or stop believing in yourself. Each word that you write, each blog post that you publish matters. And they need to be heard.

Know that your worth is not found in what others think of you or whether or not they liked your post or novel. It’s found in Jesus Christ and that’s where it should remain. He believes you are worth it, He knows your words matter, He knows you can achieve your goals you’ve set out to do.

Believe you can, and you will.

That’s the first step in achieving anything. Whether you’re beating the Olympic record of the world’s fastest runner or publishing a novel. First you have to have faith, then you have to believe in yourself, and you can do anything. If only you believe.

Your turn!

Do you believe that your words matter? Do you struggle with self-doubt? Do you have faith that you can do anything through Christ?

Blessings, Allyson


13 thoughts on “Dear Writer, Your Words Matter

  1. Another amazing blog post! I believe that I can do anything through Christ. If He has called me to write, then there is a purpose for my words. Even if it seems small to the world, it’s big. It can be hard to lean into that truth though, so I love reading your beautiful reminders!

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  2. Thank you! Yes, that is beautiful! Anything for Him is counted big, no matter how small it might seem. Amen! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! ๐Ÿ’™

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