Your Early Projects

If you’ve been an author for any number of years then you know what I’m talking about when I say your early projects. *cringe*

We all have them. I have them. Those stories you wrote when you were just starting out as a writer and thought anything your imagination could churn out was beautiful. But now you look back at them and, well, it’s painful, to say the least.

But I see a lot of writers discredit these stories as a whole. It’s as if they would rather burn them than ever see them again. While I won’t say I’ve never had these feelings before as well, I’ve learned a new way of looking at them. A way where I can actually… appreciate them.

Yes, you heard me right. Keep reading.

Just because our old projects aren’t the best things we’ve ever written doesn’t mean we need to turn a snub nose on them and never give them the credit they most assuredly deserve. Because they do deserve credit, whether you believe it or not. Despite all of their shortcomings and all the embarrassment they’ve caused us (let’s not even go there…), there’s one thing they gave us that we could never regret.


Our old projects have given us growth!

And for that reason alone I can look at my old stories and smile. You have to start somewhere to go anywhere, and our old projects were our starting ground. How beautiful is that?

Now, you can’t sit there and tell me you don’t value growth. Growth is something we are constantly striving for not only as writers—but as human beings. And, just as we grow in many ways every year you are alive, you grow every year you continue writing.

Maybe right now you’re writing your first novel or—better yet—you just picked up a pen for the first time with the thought, “I’m going to be a writer!”. Either way, let me say—congratulations! To create stories with your own words is one of the most beautiful things on earth (at least in my opinion, perhaps I’m a little biased).

But whether you’re a new or old writer, press on. Fight the good fight and finish the race. Don’t become so focused on the subpar words you’ve written that you lost sight of the truly beautiful ones. Cherish them always… even when they become an old project.

Just as you don’t judge a rosebush by the number of thorns it holds, don’t judge your stories by the number of imperfections it holds. Nothing is perfect. But with a lot of hard work, determination, and perseverance, you can create something pretty close to it.

Your turn!

Do you have any earlier projects or are you currently writing your first story? How do you feel about your old projects? Do you feel that you’ve grown as a writer since you wrote your earlier projects?

Blessings, Allyson


16 thoughts on “Your Early Projects

  1. The very first story I started was about… mice who work for the police. I started it when I was about ten. The next one was basically how to train your dragon with a girl instead of Hiccup. I have most definitely come a loooooong ways!

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    1. XD Well, whatever your interests are I suppose? XD Those actually sound really cool though! My old projects were largely about orphans. I was a huge fan of Anne of Green Gables and Annie. I had no hope. XD

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  2. Hahaha, those early stories are prime candidates for comedy! (And my family enjoys reminding me of that, and they’re not off-track in the least bit. Those stories were whacked.) But … I learned so much through them. A lot of the “this is what you don’t do,” but that is still half the battle! And I have to say, I didn’t horrible ideas (only mildly horrendous) … and of course the execution was really lacking. 🙂

    Thank you for this post! 🙂

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    1. Haha! That’s for sure!! XD Yeah, my family likes to remind me how I used to cry while writing certain stories. I’m not sure if they know I still do that… XD
      Yes! I learned so much through mine as well!! (Haha! Yeah, same here with the “this is what you don’t do”, lol. XD But that’s just as valuable a way as learning as “this is what you should do” method!)

      You’re welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! 💙

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  3. This reminds me of the time I was going through all my old notebooks and decided to read (out-loud) a story I’d attempted to write that was set in the 1800s (thank you, obsession with Laura Ingalls Wilder and her ancestors) when I was around eight or seven years old.

    I think we know where that wound up.

    Anyhow…Lovely reminder though about our early writings! They do help us grow…even if the part of me on the inside is like, “Ew. What were you thinking?” LOL!

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    1. Oh, man. . .YES. 😂 I often feel lies my old stories are better off as fuel for a bonfire….👀. But you’re right! It is so, so important to love your bad writing 💙

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      1. Yes, Deigan, it really is! I think we all feel that from time to time, but we have to realize that they’re meant to show us our *growth*, not our failures. 💙


      2. *removes all flammable materials and flame-inducing materials from your reach and locks them in a vault* You will do no such thing!

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    2. Haha! I did a similar thing not long ago. Let’s just say I became really depressed… XD But I now realize that I shouldn’t look at how bad those old projects were, but how much better I’ve become!! (Or, at least I *hope* I’ve gotten better since those projects… XD)

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It is something we need to remind ourselves of. Never, ever, burn your old projects!! Lol!! I feel that so much!! XD


      1. Oh, dear, please don’t be depressed…or burn your writings even if there’s a matchbox at your disposal…LOL!! Yeah, I’m with you on the hoping part…XDXD

        Yes, so many things we must remind ourselves of, it seems. LOL!

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      2. Haha! I’ve found a different way of looking at it so that helps! Nothing can get me too depressed when it comes to writing though – I love it too much!! 😂🥰

        So true! 😂


  4. Oh, old writings….*tugs some papers away* totally didn’t have a total face cringe when you said that…lol…
    I had some weird first ideas….whew, but I will say the growth is appreciated. It’s fun to go back and read a paragraph from one of my first stories and then a paragraph from a new one and see how vastly different the two are!

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    1. XD I feel that lol!!
      That’s such a great idea!! I’ll have to do that sometimes, it would be interesting to compare. Or maybe just painful… XD We’ll see!

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