Defining Success

What is your definition of success? When you look at an author and think, “Wow, they’ve made it,” what makes you think that? Is it the amount of followers they have? The amount of books they’re selling? Amount of money they’re making? Or even the size readership they have?

Think on this for a minute.

It’s easy to let one of these factors be the key element in our minds when we think of success. But let me be blunt with you: that’s the world’s definition of success. As followers of Christ, we should have a different definition in mind.

Because true success doesn’t come from followers or readers and especially not from money. Those are all things that can change in the blink of an eye. So what is success?

The answer to this question may vary slightly from person to person. Everyone has their own set of goals and dreams they’re pursuing so everyone has something different in their mind when they think of success. But, as Christians, there should be an universal definition no matter what our end goal is.

Success comes from God, not from man. I believe that true success comes from writing faith based books for His kingdom and leading others to Christ. Even if your stories don’t always have a faith element, simply by writing clean books is beneficial for readers. There is a definite need for them.

Everyone has the desire to become a well known author who sells lots of books, but that life isn’t meant for everyone. I was talking with a friend recently and she worded it perfectly: just as God calls some pastors to small congregations and other pastors to mega churches—God calls authors to different levels of readerships.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to sell lots of books, I know that’s what I hope to do one day. But it’s when that becomes our sole focus that we will fail.

Do not measure your success from earthly gain. Earthly possessions will pass away, but it’s the true treasure that will last an eternity.

Personally, the way I feel about it, if only one reader is moved by the books I write, then it’s a success. If only one person benefits from my stories, it will all be worth it. I’m not writing for thousands or even millions, I’m writing for God. He has a plan for my life that I don’t even know about, but I’m content with whatever He deems success for my life.

I can honestly say this with a smile because that’s how I feel about it. When we put our faith and trust in God He will bless us and give us more than we ever hoped for.

Such as this blog for example. Some people may look at my amount of followers and cringe or maybe feel sorry for me. But to me, I look at it and smile! I am blown away that I have this amount of followers in such a short amount of time! No, it’s not hundreds, but that’s okay. I’m reaching people with my words and that is enough for me.

What about you?

Your turn!

How do you define success? What does your end goal look like? Do you wish to reach thousands with your books or would you be content with only a handful of readers if that is God’s plan?

Blessings, Allyson


12 thoughts on “Defining Success

  1. Wow. I needed this so badly. I’ve always viewed my writing the EXACT way you explained, but I’ve been feeling down about my writing lately.

    My readers aren’t very interactive, which makes it feel like nobody is benefitting from what I’m writing. Other bloggers have this “connection” with their readers, but I don’t seem to have that. In the middle of that confusion, somebody unsubscribed from my newsletter for the first time.

    Normally, that stuff wouldn’t bother me. I know that it’s nothing personal. All to their own. I guess the timing just fueled my concern. 😦

    But this post reminded me what my beliefs are. The people that need certain content the most often don’t comment. I don’t need proof; I just need to trust God again.

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    1. Amen! That was all so good, thank you for sharing!

      I agree, it can be hard to be content with the success God has given us, especially when our amount of followers is small and the interaction we get is rare. With the previous blog I had, I felt this way. In the year that I had it, I had very few followers and even less interaction. It was very hard to keep it up when I didn’t feel it was getting any attention. (What I didn’t see then but what I understand now, though, is that maybe if I had been more consistent with it it would have gotten a better readership. But I was too plagued with self-doubt to see that.)

      I’m so glad that this post was a good reminder for you! I hope you continue to remember why you write and Who you write for. Press on even when the going gets tough!! 🤗


  2. Wow, awesome reminder. I used to think that becoming a big time author would be easy, just a sell a few hundred books that’d happen the day you published, right? But then I learned differently.
    Over the past two years God has been showing me so much…teaching me to write for an audience of One. If my stories mean something to one person…or even no one…I at least know they something to Him. He gave me the stories and I write them…I’m sure they’ll ever take off. I want them to, I want to be able to be a full time author…but I’m learning to place God’s will above my own and focus on my audience of One because His approval us all that matters.
    Thanks for this awesome post! A great reminder for me with ‘World of Silence’ now out in the world. I love getting a chance to read your post!

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    1. Haha! Same!! It’s not until you really begin to learn about the process that you see all the work that goes into it and how some authors get really popular and others just… don’t. But I don’t feel that’s a fault of the author, rather the success God defined for their life.
      Yes! That’s so true! We have to write for One before we can write for others. Thank you for sharing that, that was beautiful! I hope your book does amazing, it looks incredible!! Thanks!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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