Writing by Faith by Allyson Kennedy

Five stars

Is writing your spiritual gift? Do you feel as if God has placed the calling on your life to write and publish books for Him?

Fantastic. Because Writing by Faith is the exact book you need to get started.

In Writing by Faith, Christian author Allyson Kennedy shares her testimony of the ups and downs of her author career thus far. Covering twelve aspects of Christian authorship, Allyson explores how to:

• Create and maintain a faith-based mindset for writing
• Combat seeds of doubt and discontentment sown by the Enemy
• Allow God to lead the way to fulfilling His purpose for you

Writing by Faith is not a get-rich-quick scheme for Christian authors, teaching you how to make millions in the Christian book market. Instead, this book guides Christian authors, whether you are just starting out, or have published several books, in how to align your mindset and goals with God’s and make Him known in the book community.

Complete with reflection questions at the end of each chapter, by the end of the book, you will have cultivated a fresh, God-centered attitude toward your purpose of being a Christian author, and will be spiritually charged to take it on, with God by your side.

This book was highly motivational and inspirational!! If you are a writer, you should definitely read this book! All about following God’s will through your whole writing journey, this was definitely what I needed to read right now.

Allyson Kennedy explores many different ways you can fall away from God in your writing throughout the course of this book. She then goes about how not to stray from the perfact path He has laid out for us. All her words were truly beautiful and very uplifting.

This is an amazing reminder for Christian writers to not let others determine your succes or journey as a writer. Your path is your own and God knows the way even when you don’t. His plan is perfect and we have to trust Him throughout it all.

Your turn!

Do you consider yourself a Christian writer? Do you find yourself led astray by other, more successful writers/authors? Have you read Writing By Faith or any other books by Allyson Kennedy?

Blessings, Allyson


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