Living in the Moment

The sound of birds chirping. The feel of the wind in your hair. The smell of grass freshly mowed.


Beauty. Pure beauty.

Do you take the time to notice these things? To smell the roses? To live in the moment?

As writers, we can get very focused on our current work-in-progresses, and forget about everything around us. We tell ourselves we’ll enjoy those things later. After we finish this sentence. . . This chapter. . . This first draft.

And then, we forget.

We forget to take the time for the little moments of life. To cherish and hold onto them. Because each season only comes once a year along with the beauties that each brings. Butterflies, flowers, bright leaves, snow—it all only happens once a year. So enjoy the time that it’s here.

It’s a great thing to be goal-oriented and focused on your dreams, but not when that takes away from living life. Not when it takes away from the small moments of life. Not when it keeps you from living in the moment.

This is something I’ve been learning lately. I love my writing so much and, if I had it my way, I could spend the majority of my days doing it. But, as amazing as that would be, it would take away from living life. I would miss out on all the small, beautiful things of this world. And that would be sad.

I love birds. I could sit for hours outside listening to them and watching them soar through the air. Being outside in general is something that I love. I also play piano and have many hobbies and pastimes I enjoy doing. But I’ve realized, when I get focused on writing, I fall away from doing those things. Yes, I love writing but I also love doing other things—and I don’t want my writing to take away from them.

We all have things we love, some things more than others. Writing is definitely at the top of my favorite things to do, but I’ve learned I can’t let it take away from living my life. And, if you think of it, writing is full of real life experiences so if we don’t live our life, we can’t do justice to our writing.

So, my friend, live your life to its fullest. Don’t miss out on the little things. Writing is amazing and, to get any better at it, we have to spend a lot of time at it—but not so much time that it takes away from your life.

From living in the moment.

Your turn!

Do you live in the moment? Do you have other hobbies you enjoy doing other than writing? Do you find time for them or does writing often take over your life?

Blessings, Allyson


12 thoughts on “Living in the Moment

  1. Amazing reminder! I try to live in the moment…and I like writing st night when nothing interesting is going…lol…but sometimes writing does tend to take over. I’ve got about a billion hobbies soooo it’s hard find time to do any of them…lol…
    Thanks so much for this post!

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    1. That’s a great idea to write at night so that you can enjoy other things during the day! Sadly, by the time nighttime comes around I’m too exhausted to do much writing. XD I usually snag a few hours in the afternoon to get some done. Same! I have so many hobbies and things I enjoy doing… I never have time for them all. But taking time out of my hectic day to simply breathe in some fresh air is so wonderful and something I’m trying to find more time for!
      You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

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      1. Yeah, sometimes I’m too tired…lol…but most the time it works.
        Yes, taking time to breathe. My dog demands to be walked four times a day I get lots of breather time in when I’m not at work…lol…

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      2. Haha! That’s great!
        Oh, wow! Well, that’s a lot of good time to breathe in some fresh air. I have a fufu dog who wouldn’t survive one walk a day, lol. So I’m my own there. 😂 But I love being outside so it’s not too difficult, as long as I make time.


  2. Ahahaha, I’m guilty of not living in the moment…Although sometimes I can (and I need to do it more than I already do), or sometimes I won’t because I’m like, “This is going to end rather quickly.”

    (And the part in which you mentioned the wind blowing through your hair…Said hair is flying into my face, getting smudges all over my glasses, and becoming stuck in my glasses. *le sigh*)

    Ah, hobbies that I like to do other than writing…Yes. And other things in life other than writing. Yes. LOL! That’s why I make myself schedule my days now…even if I don’t follow them sometimes because life decides to give me other things to do. (Which is ironic, because sometimes I don’t have lots of time to write…)

    But it IS easy to let other things in life distract you! Doesn’t even have to be writing. 😀 Thank you for the reminder for us to live in the moment!

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    1. Aren’t we all at one time or another? 😂 The point is that we recognize it and try to spend more time living, actually living. It’s a beautiful thing.

      (Haha! Sounds amazing!!)

      Yes, scheduling is such a great idea! It’s something that I want to get better at. I like to schedule myself whole rest days to soak in some fresh air, or play piano, or read, or do anything that I don’t always find time for. Those days are a lot of fun!

      It’s too easy sometimes! 😂 Eliminating distractions is definitely something I’m working on! You’re welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!


      1. Hm, good point…LOL! I guess it’s because we’re so used to always doing something that we don’t really know how to live life anymore.

        (PFFT, tell me about it! XD)

        Ooh, hey, more power to you! (And you play piano–double bonus on my end XD!) I’ve tried doing that with Sundays…and they didn’t seem to coordinate…LOL!! Might need to try that again..

        I think eliminating distractions is something we all have to deal with. XD And yep, definitely! 😀

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      2. That is so true!! We forget to take breaks because we feel the need to constantly be doing something.

        Haha! (I love piano!! 🥰) Hmm, maybe try another day? I’m constantly mixing up my schedule and changing my rest days for whenever I need them. Sometimes they’re even spontaneous! Some mornings I get up and decide I simply don’t have it in me to write, lol. Most times I try to push myself anyways but sometimes I allow myself the joy of a rest.

        For sure!!


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