The Wonderland Trials by Sara Ella

Four stars

Solve the clues. Face your fears. Win the Trials.

All Alice Liddell wants is to escape her Normal life in Oxford and find the parents who abandoned her ten years ago. But she gets more than she bargained for when her older sister Charlotte is arrested for having the infamous Wonder Gene—the key to unlocking the curious Wonderland Reality.

Soon, Alice receives a rather cryptic invitation to play for Team Heart in this year’s annual—and often deadly—Wonderland Trials. Now she has less than twenty-four hours to find her way into Wonderland where nothing is impossible . . . or what it seems.

The stakes are raised when she discovers players go missing during the Trials each year. Will she and her team solve the clues and find the missing players? Or will betrayal and distrust win, leaving Alice alone in a world of her own? Follow the White Rabbit into this topsy-turvy fantasy where players become prey, a sip of the wrong tea might as well be poison, and a queen’s ways do not always lead one where they ought to go.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Sara Ella’s done it again!!!!

If you’ve read any of Sara Ella’s books then you know she is a master at weaving intricate plots and twists you never would have seen coming. She blends a perfect mixture of characters that you wish you could personally punch yourself to characters that your heart melts simply thinking of them. And her themes, oh her themes.

Guys, I love Sara Ella’s books. For all the reasons above and more. Her books are beautiful! And The Wonderland Trials is another beauty she can add to her collection.

To me, a great story is nice, if it’s adventurous and has lots of action then that’s even better. But what I love the most about books—and what stands out to me the most—is the themes within a book. That’s what leaves me thinking long after I turned the last page. The sad thing is, I haven’t found a whole lot of books that I can think back on and go, “Wow, that theme was beautiful and impacting”. But I can do this with every one of Sara Ella’s.

Let me tell you, the themes in The Wonderland Trials… AHHHH!!!

Achem, okay, on a calmer note. You’re probably wondering why I only gave it four stars if I’m going to fangirl so strongly about it. Well, that’s because it has magic. I probably should have realized it was going to, but I didn’t. And so while I totally realize it was necessary to the story, I personally do not read stories with magic. Hence the lower rating. But if you do read magic, then this is the book for you! It’s so amazing!!

All the characters!! Ugh, this is so hard because I don’t want to give anything away so let me just end here with saying that IT’S SO GOOD!!! Go preorder it so you can be one of the first to dive into this amazing story!!!

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions were solely my own.

Nothing is impossible.

Sara Ella, The Wonderland Trials

I am asking you to believe in what’s real. And to go after it. To step off the obvious path.

Sara Ella, The Wonderland Trials

Your turn!

Do you believe in the impossible? Do you go with the obvious or make your own path? Are you excited for the release of The Wonderland Trials?

Blessings, Allyson


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