Not Feeling Good Enough (When you want to throw your story away…)

You know the feeling.

When you’re sitting there staring at the computer screen. The cursor keeps blinking and blinking but yet still, no words come. You wonder why you’re even sitting there.

Why would you write when you have nothing worthy to say? It feels as though all you ever write is trash and you will never improve. Your words will never be worth anything. Why are you even trying? Why do you waste your time?

I think we can all relate to these feelings. I know I sure can. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. This post is just as much for myself as it is for all of you.

Your words are worthy to be written.

Your words matter.

Your story deserves to be told and nothing your self doubt can say to you will change that.

When a soldier charges into battle he doesn’t have time to think through what he’s about to do. And even if he did, he knows he can’t. Because he might just chicken out. That’s how I feel when I’m sitting at the computer.

I feel like a coward. Because I know I have a story bottled up inside me needing to be told but I’m too scared to tell it. My self doubt is yelling too loud inside me to even hear my story anymore. All I can see are the failures and mistakes.

Lately, I’ve come to feel that all I write and all I’ve ever written is trash. Pure trash. I’ve been ignoring comments friends have made on docs where I’ve shared a couple stories. I haven’t been able to bring myself to open them even as the number of comments and suggestions increase.

But today I did. With no thought to what I was doing, I charged onto that battle ground. And you know what? I squashed that self doubt right then and there. I read through hundreds of edits, comments, and suggestions. Yes, some of them were hard to take in. I mean, why didn’t I think to word that sentence like that? Why didn’t I know to put that comma there?

But stop. I can’t think that way. Because when I pushed those thoughts out of my head, I actually enjoyed all the edits. They made my story so much stronger and the words of encouragement and fangirling in between made my writer heart so happy.

So I want to challenge the same to you. Has there been a story you’ve put off writing? Or a doc full of edits you’ve been ignoring? Don’t put off any longer. Do it—right now. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. Get back on that horse before you lose your nerve completely.

And know, you are good enough.

Your turn!

Do you feel unworthy of telling the story in your heart? Do you ever feel as though your writing is trash? Do you know how to push past the self doubt and rise above it?

Blessings, Allyson


12 thoughts on “Not Feeling Good Enough (When you want to throw your story away…)

  1. Allyson, thank you so much for this post! I love how you brought in the analogy of a soldier going into battle. I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about writing that way, but it’s so fitting. We’re soldiers for the King!

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  2. Thank you! I was stuck with what to post for today and I really felt God put this on my heart. I’m so glad He did! Yes! I love that! Soldiers for the King. 😍 With pens as swords!!

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  3. Thank you! I love this post!!! I think all writers need to hear this…push through! I love the soldier analogy! So fitting. Thank you so much for sharing you thoughts!
    Generally when I’m doubting a lot I’ll pray for God’s wisdom and direction with my project…there’s such a sense of peace that washes over me and though I may not get anything done till the next day, it still helps. Because I remember in His eyes I am good enough!

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! Yeeess! Too often writers give up but I wish they didn’t. Just like Ephesians 9:10 says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might”! That’s my reminder on tough days. XD
      I agree with you completely! Thank you so much for that reminder. That was so beautiful!! Prayer is the best place to be when you’re doubting and unsure of yourself. Because when Jesus died on the cross, He said we were worth it. 💙

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  4. *blinks* This was directly aimed at me, wasn’t it. *let’s it soak in* Girl, thank you so much for this reminder. Cause yes, our writing may seem like something fit for the land fill. But that’s because we are our worst critics–which can sometimes be a bad thing, squashing that spark of wanting to write and replacing it with you can’t write. Fellow soldiers, we are writers. We can do this. Someone out there needs to read our story. *draws sword-i mean pen* Charge!!

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    1. Haha! It was actually directed at me. XD But I knew that it was something that I’m sure a lot of people need to hear. I’m so glad it was able to bless you! Yes!! Thank you so much for those words! Our inner critic needs to be pushed aside but, on some days, it’s really hard. But you’re right, someone out there needs our words. Needs our story. Needs to hear what we have to save. So raise your pen and press on!


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