Fewer is Sometimes Better

When it comes to platform building we can all get depressed. Why don’t I have more followers on Instagram? Or, why don’t my blog posts get more likes?

We all get frustrated by this at one time or another. We all have the desire to be more popular, more sought after, or even just more known. (Let’s face it, we all feel discouraged when our only frequent visitors are our grandmother, sister, and best friend.)

But what if we’re simply looking at it wrong? What if fewer is better and it’s our mindset that needs to change? What if a handful of followers is better than hundreds?

Okay, okay. Before you call me crazy and click off this post, just hear me out.

Think about it for a second. What if you did have a thousand followers but none of them truly cared about your blog? You get no more likes than you did with less followers and even fewer comments. Now, while I doubt that would be exactly the case, do you get the point I’m trying to make?

Just because you have more followers, does not mean you will have more views. Not if they don’t care.

Now let’s say you only have a handful of followers and half of them are your close friends. These are people that truly care about you and want to see you succeed. They’re the ones who are going to like every post and comment frequently.

These are the people who care about you.

Those followers are worth gold. They are the ones who will truly matter in the end. Because when you’re finally ready to publish a book, the people who didn’t care about you in the beginning won’t care about you now.

That’s why sometimes fewer is better. That’s why I would rather only a handful of followers if that handful really care about my success and what I’m doing. Those are the ones that matter.

Maybe this was a bad analogy or maybe I didn’t explain it good. But I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have many followers right now, not if those followers really care about you. And if they don’t, maybe you should work on engaging them more and making friends out of them instead of empty faces.

The more they care about you, the more they care about what you’re doing and the books you’re going to publish. And, in the end, that’s how you get more followers.

Your turn!

Do you ever get discouraged about your amount of followers? Do you feel like they truly care about you and your success? Do you think they would be excited if you published a book?

Blessings, Allyson


16 thoughts on “Fewer is Sometimes Better

  1. Ooh, no, girl! This analogy was perfect and you are absolutely right!!! (I speak from experience!) Thank you so much for this reminder!

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    1. Thank you!! I appreciate the comment because I was beginning to feel I wasn’t explaining my point well enough. 😂 You’re welcome! I’m glad it was able to bless you!!

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  2. I agree whole heartedly! I think people might have it backwards these days, thinking more is better, but it’s about the lives you touch, not the number. I think you captured it wonderfully!!
    And hi! *waves* I don’t think I’ve commented here before but Sword Of The Penmaiden reblogged and article of yours and it was SO GOOD! And after this article, I’m glad I subscribed!

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    1. Yes! I agree one hundred percent with you! I care more about touching the lives of my readers than growing my numbers and I wish more people thought that as well. Thank you!!
      Hey! *Waves back* 😂 Oh, that’s awesome! I’m so glad you enjoyed that article!! And so glad you subscribed! Yay!! 😄 I hope you continue to enjoy the content that I publish!! I love seeing new faces around here. ☺️


  3. This is great, Allyson! And so, so true. Quality over quantity. Aside from promoting our books, leaving book reviews, and giving bookish-and-writing advice, blogs and social media are meant to grow connections and friendships. That’s obviously not happening if you receive little to no interaction. Great post!

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    1. Yes, quality over quantity! I love that, that’s exactly it! Yes! I love all the connections and friendships you can make through blogging! It’s one of my favorite parts of it! But I think sometimes people forget that in their race to grow their numbers. But it’s when you’re more friendly and genuine that people want to follow you and you grow more! (And you have more friends than empty faces, as I said) Thanks!!

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  4. I love this perspective on the whole follower thing!! Thank you for sharing it! It’s true, sometimes a smaller but loyal following is better than a large but fickle one. (Lol I don’t like the word fickle but I couldn’t think of another word for it. *cringes* XD)

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    1. Thanks!! That’s so true! I think the best way to grow a following is by being your own genuine self and having something valuable to offer others, not by constantly trying to get more followers. At least that’s my opinion. (Lol! That’s hilarious! 😂 I actually rather like the word but I can almost hear you cringe as I say that 😆)

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