Writerly Resolutions

I was recently tagged in a blog tag and so today I am going to shake things up a bit! Below I will answer five questions given to me by Alyssa over at Seeking The Timeless Anchor. I hope you enjoy this!

First off, thank you, Alyssa, for the tag! I would highly recommend you check out her awesome blog!

(Also, I thought I’d add, due to size issues I was not able to include the official banner as stated in the rules below.)


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  4. Ask them 5 new questions about their writing goals.

The Questions

1. What are some ways that you would like to expand your writing this year?

Well, this blog for one. This has been a big leap with my writing and will help me expand it in the sense that I’ll be writing a lot of non-fiction. For years I’ve stuck strictly to fiction and never much cared for non-fiction. But in this past year and mainly this year, I’ve found that I do actually enjoy it and that I can bless others with my writing through it. Whether it’s here, or through the online ministry I started with friends (thevesselsofhonor.org).

Also, I love trying out new genres as well as learning new methods that work for me and my writing. So I will keep doing that this year as I enjoy and expand my writing in that way as well.

2. In what ways are you praying that your writing this year will influence others?

I always pray over my writing before I begin for the day. It is always my prayer and desire that the stories I create will bless my readers and be an inspiration to them. (One day, I should say. I’m not published yet. XD) But I also pray that this new blog will be a blessing to other writers and readers, whether that’s through the articles I publish or finding clean reads in the books I review. I hope this place will influence others for the better.

3. What is the thing you dread most in your writing this year? And how are you going to overcome it?


Need I say more?

I have never been a great editor and it’s something I’m striving to become better at. Not sure if I’m achieving anything yet… XD But this year that is a goal of mine to work on more so I can definitely say I’m dreading that. But I plan on overcoming it by doing it anyways and finding a lot of articles or even YouTube videos to explain better to me and teach me a method to my current madness. (Any tips, tricks, or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated! As well as favorite articles, podcasts, or YouTube videos! Help!! XD)

4. What aspect of writing would you really like to master this year?

Um, editing…

But since I already went into that I will say that something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and trying to become better at is going deeper in my storytelling. I want to make my books emotionally impactful to my readers so that they will be changed somehow, even if that change is small, for the better. I think about my own favorite books and how they have made my life better since reading them and that is what I want for my own readers with my own books. So I doubt I could master that in one year, but it’s definitely a current work-in-progress of mine.

5. If you could accomplish one thing with your writing, what would it be?

(Besides win tons of awards, become famous, and make big bucks? XD) Okay, seriously. One thing that I would love to accomplish with my writing, as I was saying above, is to change my reader. You know those books where you finish reading them and you have to set it down for a minute or two just to digest the wonderful story you just read? Yeah. That’s what I want my stories to do. And if that’s the only thing I succeeded with in my writing, I would count that as the biggest accomplishment of all (yes, even over those awards, a big name, and lots of money). That’s what I want to do.


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  1. How to do stick to your writing goals and not give up?
  2. What’s some advice on making goals as a writer?
  3. How has your writing changed over the years?
  4. In what ways are you looking to grow in your writing this year?
  5. What writing goals do you currently have?

Your turn!

Pick any of the questions above and answer them in the comments! I would love to hear your thoughts as well!

Blessings, Allyson


10 thoughts on “Writerly Resolutions

    1. Thank you! Thanks again for the tag!!

      Haha! 😆 I agree!! Why is this such an important step again? Lol!

      Aww! Thank you!! I had a lot of fun with it!! 😄


  1. Thank you for tagging me!

    I love your answer to number five! I too wish my writing to be impactful enough to change a reader, whether that be helping them through a hard time, assisting them in strengthening their faith, or just giving them a laugh on a hard day. And editing. Ugh. There’s so much involved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome!

      Thanks! Yes! I agree with all of those points. I want my stories to be more than entertaining, I want them to mean something to my readers! I think that is the greatest gift of all. Haha! You’re telling me! XD

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad! They were a lot of fun to write!! Ugh! You would!! XD Would you care to share your wisdom and how you somehow enjoy it??

      You’re welcome!! I can’t wait to read your replies!


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